Book Cover

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“Pilot Projects – Making Innovations and New Concepts Fly”

We face an ever increasing array of technological and business opportunities and challenges from strategic and tactical perspectives.  Individuals and businesses are forced to find opportunities, improve products and services, be environmentally responsible, increase revenue, reduce costs, boost customer relationships, improve processes, enhance marketing, and provide shareholder value all while facing local and international competition and tighter margins.

The speed and amount of change is alarming, unnerving and sometimes dizzying.  

Meanwhile, the cost of mistakes and failure is also increasing. Even simple decisions and commitments can severely impact a company’s operations and profitability.

How are a number of options, innovations, concepts and opportunities best investigated and executed? Pilot projects provide a solution, but their definition, execution and conclusions can be vague, inconsistent, inconclusive, misguiding and risky.

This book discusses and outlines pilot project processes, procedures and standards to provide a competitive edge. Are you ready to make your concept fly?

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