An open letter to CIO and technology planners –

Some quick notes on piloting and bringing innovations to life.¬†Sorry to rain on your parade, but being a first mover doesn’t always equal success!

Think of some technology examples —

Myspace — In case you don’t know, Myspace was the predecessor to Facebook. Why didn’t they succeed?

Netscape – In case you don’t know, Netscape used to be the number one browser. What happened here?

Just a couple examples how the first to market didn’t automatically equal success. But does that mean you throw in the towel and not innovate? Not exactly, you just have to do it the right way.

Many people concentrate so heavily on launching the technolodgy, but do nothing to maintain it after. Do you have a sustainability plan?

Give this some thought as you progress with what you think is the “greatest strategic move in your organizations history!”

Would be interested in anyones thoughts, for or against this.