Wow…with all projects and time dedicated to education and program development, I have a apologize for the amount of time between postings. Many of my friends were about to write my eulogy given my lack of postings — thank you, but I have not passed yet! I would however like to talk about time travel — that is related to projects.

Nearly everyone of a elder age, beyond 40’ish will recall the “Back to the Future” series with Michael J. Fox playing Marty McFly and how he travelled forward and back in time, pending requirements. As a PM, just think about how beneficial this would be — particularly with your projects.

Going back to fix mistakes would be awesome. For me however, I would likely spend most of time time doing this. Perfectionists would spend an endless loop going back and forth.

Going forward would be awesome and terrifying at the same time. Awesome to see the finished product, but terrifying if you see yourself on the sidelines as some new guy takes all the credit.

The fact is, even with time travel I don’t believe life would be perfect. In fact, I like games of chance and doing the best job possible. As a matter of fact time travel would only allow me to do it until I thought it was perfect — further taking away from the important things to move forward…

(Now I have to get back to my postings)